How electric motor work

During the summer afternoon when you come from outside into a room. what is the first thing you look for you look for the switch off the fan as you need to cool down since you were sweating very hard until the moment you switch on the fan it starts rotating. so have you ever wondered what happens when you open the switch?

why does the fan rotate now you can say that it has a motor inside that make it rotate. but what is going inside the motor that makes the fan rotate? 

how does a Motor work and how it is made

we know that when a conductor is was placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a force when the current was restaurant now this is a linear movement, the conductor was because either forward or backward direction. 

It wasn't a rotating movement. so we know that when the conductor is placed in a magnetic field and the current is based on then it experiences a force in a certain direction. 

we have to make an arrangement that enables us to get a rotatory movement by the conductor.

 now let's make an arrangement to give us rotatory movement due to the force on this conductor. so let's take a magnet, is north pole is here and the South Pole is there.

This type of magnet is taken to ensure that we get a uniform magnetic field between these magnets. so now let's play a rectangular conductor inside this magnet.

After switching on the battery what will happen to this conductor 

This conductor will experience a force. that we can calculate by using Fleming's left-hand rule or father - mother-child rule. so let's try to switch on the battery and flow the current inside the conductor. 

Let's try to find out the direction of the force on this whole rectangular conductor. if you observe that when I switch on the battery the current is flowing in the AB arm in the inverse direction in the CD arm it is coming out of the plat. let's apply the father-mother-child rule on the arm AB and CD. 

for that, we have to stitch left and remember you have to stitch your left-hand thumb finger and second finger in such a way that they are mutually perpendicular to each other. now see the diagram, we know that this is the father then comes mother then comes style so we have to place finger for finger in the direction of the magnetic field.

The magnetic field is always from the North To the south direction. so this will be the Magnetic field and you have to place the second finger in the direction of the current. so current is pointing in the world so you have to place this way. so you'll find out that force on the conductor will be offered so forth on this AB Arm will be in the upward direction. 

Let's try to find out the force on the CD arm. now in the CD arm current is pointing in an outward direction. a magnetic field is in the same direction. so this will be the case. this is a magnetic field this is current. So force will be in the downward direction. 

Now if you observe, on AB Arm the force is in an upward direction, and on CD force is in the downward direction. so This force will constitute a couple. and this couple will start rotating the motor.

Just observe the rotation of the motor you will find a very interesting now just observe the force on the AB arm is in an upward direction on the CD arm is in a downward direction.  So the motor will start rotating.  now has completed half rotation just observed that what force is on. 

now AB arm will be experiencing An upward Direction and the CD arm will be experienced a downward direction.

The motor in its original condition will be like that after half hour rotation motor is moving in One Direction then after half hour rotation it is moving back in the opposite direction.
it will be like the fan is rotating half addition and then going that will it work so. 

These split rings are connected to the positive terminal of the battery for only half rotation just now after half the rotational find out that the arm AB gets connected to the negative terminal of the battery. so it will get the current in a downward direction. and CD arm will get the current in an upward direction

you will find out that the force on the right arm is always in an upward direction and forth on the left arm is always in the downward direction.

since the force direction is not changing on both the arms so the motor will rotate in only one direction. this is how we had converted the linear movement of the conductor when kept in a magnetic field in kicking wire experiment to the rotatory movement which can be used in the motor. 

so now I suppose that you can answer all the queries regarding how does a fan works and you can easily tell how does the motor inside the fan works and what is the construction of this motor.

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