What is Artificial intelligence (AI) | definition | scope of artificial intelligence in Future

Artificial intelligence, we start imagining the future. We start thinking about how this AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence will make the work of humans easier in the future. But some big scientists and researchers believe that this AI can also be the biggest reason for the destruction of humans. 

Before knowing how this artificial intelligence can prove to be the biggest threat to humans, we know that...

Artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is made up of two words, Artificial ie Man-made and Intelligence. Such a man-made system, which has the art of thinking, decision making, and problem-solving just like humans, we call such artificial intelligence.

We are making it for use in machines so that it can make our life easier and in such a place where human life can be threatened, we can use these intelligent and super smart systems. The machine which has an AI system will start learning things by itself.

The programs that are given to common machines can do just that. But there is a machine in which the AI system will be installed, they will not only do the tasks given in the program but will be able to learn and improve many other things as well.

Now some people associate AI with machine learning. Machine learning is a part of AI. But these two are completely different from each other. In machine learning, a machine is designed to do only one specific task. There will be an improvement in doing that work and the more she does that work, the more she will get better with experience, and one day she will become an expert.

Take an exam and understand: - You taught a machine to play football. So if those machines are based on machine learning, then if you give him another game like a cricket bat then he will not know what he will do. But if that machine is based on AI, then he will try how he can play cricket with this bat and maybe he will be an expert in a few days.

There are two groups in the world regarding AI.

First, those who do not support AI means that AI may prove to be a threat to humans. People like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and Bill gate consider AI a threat. Some people see it as a future, companies like Facebook and Google see it as a better future.

According to some research, when those machines start learning and thinking about themselves, it is obvious that they will think well for themselves and we will be the biggest danger for them. Because whenever we want, we can shut it down like a computer program. So, after being so intelligent, will he not rebel against humans so that those machines can never be shut down and he can do whatever he wants.

Sophia, the most advanced AI-based machine (robot) of today, was asked if she would kill humans, she said yes, it will end humans. But it is very scary to think that if these machines have the power to think that will come. According to which we are making AI-based machines, such as self-driving cars and robots. So would she not want to capture us humans so that we cannot switch them on or switch off whenever we want.
self driving cars based on Artificial intelligence
However, it is still a long time to happen. In the coming 50 years, perhaps we will start making such machines that will be completely based on AI. You will be able to take all the decisions for your own improvement. And will be able to learn new things with Experience.

Well, what about you? Which group of the world are you a part of that sees a better future or one that sees it as a dangerous machine that can destroy humanity? Be sure to comment with your answer below.

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