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Hello everyone, from ancient times people have been using cow dung and farm waste as fuel to cook their food. It is been used as a fuel in many of the villagers till now also but they are not an effective source of energy to use as a fuel as their efficiency is very low that is the energy produced by them.

while burning is very low and that produces a lot amount of smoke while burning. The smoke is harmful to the environment as well as the person who is cooking the food. Biogas plants we know that these days and cow dung are produced in a country in a huge amount I think you could find them everywhere. so is there some way that we could utilize them in a form of energy?

 There is somewhere that we could convert them into some form so that we could utilize that form as a source of energy. and the answer to this is yes. we can convert them into biogas by setting up biogas plants.  

Let us see how does a biogas plant is established and how does it work?

Biogas plant in india

To make a biogas plant, first of all, a hole is drilled into the soil. and then such type of management. now 1 part of cow dung and farm waste is taken and three parts of water are mixed into this part. of their mix very well and the salary of this mixture is fed into the mouth of the digestive. 

if you talk about the digester it is a closed chamber that has low Oxygen. and hence inside this chamber, digestive and aerobic oxidation takes place. The anaerobic microorganisms are present in the cow dung. so when this mixture of cow dung and water is known as flurry moves into the digester.

The microorganisms get activated and they get an environment of nonoxygen. So when they get the environment where oxygen is not present-day will come activated and they start decomposing this organic food into simpler substances. This takes a time of some days. and after some days gases like Methane carbon dioxide hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide get released. 

this mixture of all the gases is known as biogas which is composer of around 75% Methane and it acts as an excellent fuel. This mixture of gases in the digester moves to the gas tank and through this gas tank, it is being supplied through a pipeline to the kitchen. The salary gets left out after the decomposition is very rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. so it is taken out and then it is supplied in the form as a many our.

you can see that by setting up biogas plants and feeding cows done and farm waste into this plant we are getting a very good source of fuel that is biogas. An additional e we are also getting the source of men menu. which is very rich in nitrogen and phosphorus and hence we can say that by setting up biogas plant. we are getting two things like the product one is the biogas and second is a manual. 

setting up of biogas plant is very useful and hence government also subsidizes the building of the biogas plant. as this will provide the people with a cleaner source of fuel and also they will get a source of the menu. 

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