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fossil fuel

Fossil fuel, Let me ask you very simple question, what do you use to run Your car? do use water to run the car, obviously No. it would be so good be use water to run the car. but unfortunately we have to go to the petrol pump to buy the diesel or petrol for the car. you might have seen the steam engines with used to pull the trains in earlier times. the steam engine used to coal to power off the engine liquefied Petroleum gas or LPG is used in every kitchen for cooking the food
fossil fuel plant
All these products petroleum, coal and natural gas all these products are termed as fossil fuels. and they are being utilised by human cells are very long time.the fossil fuels are nothing but remains of plants and animals. which got worried inside the oceans hundreds of millions of years ago.
fossil fuel form of nature

Then due to the effect of pressure and temperature they get broken down into simpler substances. and finally the product which is left is a fossil fuel. every time we are looking at fossil fuel actually looking at the plants and animals which were living on the earth around hundreds of millions of years ago. and some work there before the dinosaurs. 
fossil fuel in ocean

coal was formed by the remains of plants which got woried in side the ocean and  petroleum product like petrol and natural gas by aquatic marine life. These plants and animals which can woryed inside the ocean when they were living there form in their food they were Getting their energy by using solar energy. so we can say that fossil fuels are an indirect source of solar energy. 
fossil fuel in sea
In this formation of fossil fuels take a very long time it takes millions of years to form the shape into the fossil fuels. they have to be formed with the right amount of pressure and temperature so we can say that once there get exhausted it would again take a very long time for the formation. hence we can say that they are non renewable sources of energy. now days if we look for the use of fossil fuels petroleum products are mainly used for the transportation purposes like petrol is used in the car and diesel is used mainly in trucks and buses and coal is used to make electricity in the thermal power plants.
fossil fuel form of coal

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