Thermal power plant | how does it work in india?

Hello everyone, have a look at this Pie chart. This is the pie chart of electricity generation by different sources in India. 
look closely to find out that a major contribution to electricity generation is done by fossil fuels. 

59% of the total energy is generated by coal and 10% of the energy is been generated by natural gas or oil. 

so in all, we can say that 69% of the total energy generation is done by using fossil fuels.

Today will be understanding the working of thermal power plants which majorly contribute to the electricity generation in India. 

The basic principle of electricity generation is the Thermal power plant is similar to the rest of the plant.

 The turbine rotates the generator and electricity are being produced. 

In every case, we need some source to run the Blades of the turbine. 

now in the case of thermal power plants this thing this purpose is being sold by steam. 
Thermal power plant diagram | how does it work in india?

let us try and understand the complete working of the thermal power plant. 

upon you can see the diagram of the thermal power plant. 

firstly the coal is burnt in the boiler and by the burning of coal, a lot of amount of heat is being produced. 

The flowing water inside the tube takes the released heat and converts it into steam is then stored and taken to high pressure and as this high-pressure steam is released. 

it strikes the blades of the turbine and determines it and as the turbine rotates the generator attached to the turbine also rotates. and you know very well. 

in magnetic effects, we had seen that as the shape of the generator rotates it produces electricity. so as a turbine rotate electricity is been generated.

when you have looked at the pie chart of electricity generation you might have thought that why thermal power plants are used at that a message scale 

The major reason behind this is that coal and petroleum are cheap and their availability is very easy. 

but their major drawback is that they release a lot of smoke. as they use fossil fuels for the burning. 

Now we can say that the electricity produced by the thermal power plants.

 it's kept on a short scale but there long term effects on the environment our shoes store alternative sources to replace the thermal power plants are being looked for.

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