Solar Energy | Uses of Solar Energy

We look for sun when we look up in the sky. and it is the ultimate source of energy for the human being. if you try and remind your day you will find out that almost every form of energy come either directly or indirectly from sun. it is used in drying up of the clothes then in winters people use solar energy to warm up their bodies and even if your food comes from the Solar Energy.

how most of the constituent of the food comes from plants.

you know very well that plants make their food using the process of photosynthesis that happens only in the sunlight. so we can say that 
Indirectly getting of food from sun. The sun emits visible infrared and a very small amount of ultraviolet radiation. visible radiation gives light energy and infrared radiation gives heat energy. These visible and infrared radiation collectively are called as solar energy. The upper atmosphere of earth receives around 1.4 kj of solar energy per square meter out of this only 40% of the energy reaches the Earth surface that is around 0.64 kilo joules of energy reaches the Earth surface per square meter.
Solar sell

With the passage of each day the use of solar energy is increasing due to some of the following advantages of Solar Energy. It is free of cost and and it is almost present in every part of the world in an advocate amount free of cost. Then it causes no pollution and it is a renewable source of energy which is continuously produce in the nature and hence we can say that it is in exhaustible in nature.
We can horror is the solar energy in two ways. first is the indirect method which does not utilize the use of direct sun light. The first method is to convert Solar energy into chemical. energy by converting it into Biomass by plants. we know very well that plants use photosynthesis to prepare their own food in the presence of Sunlight. basically plants convert the solar energy into chemical energy.
 Biomass by plants
Second indirect method is to use the wind and water energy
is or Ocean Thermal Energy or wave energy. we know that wind originate by unequal warming of the earth by sunlight. so we can say that wind energy is indirectly generated by solar energy. then Water cycles are also affected by the sunlight. so indirectly water energy is also a form of solar energy. 
The Ocean Thermal Energy and wave energy will study late around and will find out that these two form of energy are also dependent on sunlight. second method to utilize the Solar Energy is the direct method is direct method involves the direct use of sunlight in the production of energy.

Uses of Solar Energy

Solar Energy from sun light for home electricity

First way is to use the solar energy by using solar cooker. Solar cookers utilize the infrared energy of the sun and by using the Solar Cooker we can easily cooker food. on next way is to utilize the solar energy by solar cells the solar cells. convert the direct sunlight directly into electricity. if we look look at the first way of indirect method the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy. this method will be studying in Biology that how do plants fix the sunlight into chemical energy by using photosynthesis. on next method is use of wind energy and hydro energy that was water energy. these types of energy we'll know in the thermal power plant.

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