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Water moves from the surface of the Earth into the atmosphere and from the atmosphere back into the Earth's surface. This cyclic activity of water is called the water cycle. During the water cycle, water can be found in a solid, liquid and gas state. Let us understand the water cycle in detail.
diagram of water cycle

The heat of the sun converts the water of the oceans, ponds, and rivers into water vapor, this water vapor goes up into the atmosphere. Plants release water vapor into the air during the vapor emission process, the evaporation and evaporation created by evaporation condenses at low altitudes and forms clouds. 

When the droplets of water collected in the clouds become very large and heavy, they start falling on the surface of the earth in the form of rain-snow or hail. This process of showering is called precipitation. Some of the rainwater goes into the ground and becomes part of the groundwater.

 Although much of the rainwater flows above the surface of the land and goes into ponds, rivers, and eventually oceans, the water cycle starts from here.

While understanding the water cycle, we must have seen three stages of water. Water in oceans, ponds and rivers can be found in a liquid state, the water vapor produced in evaporation and transpiration indicates the gaseous state of water. The ice formed during precipitation represents a solid-state of water that can accumulate on snow peaks and snowmelt.

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