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We learn about evolution by stages in that we observe the species undergo the structural changes in the body in order to adapt to the environment and sometimes these changes are caused by artificial 
about evolution

now we often confused solutions when will think of evolution with the thing that the new species which is evolving from the previous one is far better than it. 

well in reality Adopted in order to survive in the bed environment in a better now the process which like the natural selection and genetic drift together led to the formation of not reproducing.

example of human and it is believed that humans have a boy from chimpanzee but it is not true you have not to import function and you can say that chimpanzee is more of a cousin 

What is evolution?

then uncle for us both of them has evolved in the separate ways to become and so that the progress has no role involution the only progressed involution is that the organism body becomes more Complex but that doesn't also mean that the old body was ineffective or inefficient for example the primitive and the simplest life form call bacteria still survive in very harsh conditions like hot springs and ice.

Antarctica most of the animals cannot even survive in such conditions let's talk about a lot of different kinds of can be found on the diversity is so much that for a long time people talk about human races this differentiate sin was on the basis of the skin color some work worldwide some black and some brown rice days does this all different human races tell us that 

they have a ball differently studies show that all you have a boy from same in sister it has been found that the first you win also called as Sapiens have originated in Africa are genetic footprint is found back in Africa state their.

while others out Into The Other continents like Eurasia Central Asia America Australia and other parts of the world did not travel in a straight line.

which we did not travel for the sake of traveling they were not due rest or something else they have migrated in different parts of the world in order of search of food and shelter like other species 2 on the planet with this becomes the end of this chapter in this chapter 

we have seen the basis of inheritance we have also studied why and how evolution takes place and also had a brief lo on the evolution of you we also know now that evolution is the generation of diversity and it has nothing to do with the progress of a species 

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