amazing facts about chili and lemon

In ancient times, when there were a rough road and people traveled through the jungle to reach their destination, they carried some chili and lemon along with the water. If they are thirsty and dehydrated, they drink lemon juice in water to drink freshly.
Chili had a huge role to play in determining whether snakes are poisonous. Poisonous snakes often bite people as they pass through forests. To determine if the poison is poisonous, the victim should eat chili. If there was no stimulation in his tongue, it meant that the snake was poisonous. If the victim's mouth is burned, it means that the snake was not poisonous.

Over time, these misunderstandings that lemon and pepper help eliminate evil during travel. However, the science behind this belief is probably from a culture that promotes their use because of the properties of lemon and pepper.

Both are rich in Vitamin C so when sprayed with lemon and pepper, it absorbs vitamins and various nutrients that slowly evaporate into the air. We inhale this air and use its properties for its properties.

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