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Paisa, from which we can buy the material of this world's material, ie, living a comfortable life, if I ask you who is the richest man in the world, then maybe some people will still meet but many will know that today Is the richest man on Earth who is the founder of Amazon. 

Jeff Bezos has become the first Santi Billionaire in human history. The city means a billion-dollar owner's record E break would be very difficult, but this record could be broken because the record would have to break up and today I'm going to tell you that anyone that records the name of breaking history
To date, we had heard about different mining on earth by which people extract the precious substances and minerals of the earth like things like iron gold, and silver but as the amount of them is decreasing on the earth, their prices are decreasing. 

The situation is increasing even more, if we can get them to go somewhere else where they are full of them, then think how much profit will come in that industry, now you are thinking to Look at where such students will be found, our brother is full of strikes and there is an accident among Jupiter where there are hundreds of millions of them all costing about $1t because the very rare amount of these is present. 

For example, Gold Silver Paint Company Company Planetary Resources had reported in 2012 that if a Platina was mined for a Huss Tide, there were about 25 in a 30-meter wide student. The area can be removed platinum of $ 50 billion could they be said extracted only platinum in a platinum-rich.

Elon Musk asteroid mining

As much as we have not extracted from the earth till date, the value of platinum will be reduced and the cutting tools on the industrial machine cutting heavy metals and minerals will become cheaper as they are made from platinum after which the goods made from them.

The price of the phone will also be reduced, it is also used in the smartphone, this will not make our smartphone cheap, which is thinking about 1 You can remove two to 3 times more of the kilometer and can meet the demand of the bicycle and that too can keep the supply of such Amul Roe material to such humans forever and whoever starts this work for years to come. 

How much it will do, no one would have thought, if you started, then you will not have to go far because about 15 thousand eight have been found, which are close to our earth Are and call them

During this time, if a company goes there and sets up a mining machine, then it can earn billions of dollars and after that how much money will the company have that it can go to the asteroid belt between March and Jupiter such as Castrol, on this side.

Asteroid worth $700 quintillion

There are about 711 such sources in the belt, each of which costs more than about $100000m but it is impossible to do so now because going into space is very expensive. Today's cheapest S Excel locket is launched for about $ 90 million but as technology is getting better it gets cheaper as well but still, the problem is how and where we will do it. 

We have to do this in some way and we will do industry machining and machining after that we will bring more from there.

 But bringing the suicide so close to the earth is 1 kilometer wide, it is nothing short of a danger because if it accidentally leaves its orbit and gets attracted towards the earth due to gravitational field, then after hitting the earth, many nuclear The bomb can explode as deadly, but the shocking thing is that if you have the technology, you can do it. 

It is absolutely legal. Any city in America Neither can bring any Android to the top of the earth if it can do this, then according to Low made in 2015, any American has the right to know about the acid or use their means. If you have installed your machine, then all the material will be yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

He can not make the student his property like you cannot buy it, it will be available to all, in future, due to this word meaning, we will not be short of resources and whichever person will do it first, perhaps the first trilinear of this world. It can be made in my mind that only one person is doing this and perhaps you must have gasped as well, who is that, it could be Elon Musk. 

The first person to start in the future and the first person in the world, what do you think, how much more time will it take, we will definitely tell you by commenting below.

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