What is personality and types of personality?

Who makes them someone? Everyone has their own personal perspectives - if they are a bubble or protected sensitive or thick skin. Psychology, we try to define science as a distinct difference of personality, that is, the way people think, feel and behave.

There are many ways to measure personality but psychologists have tried to divide humanity into different types. Instead, they focus on personality traits.

Researchers at McCormick School of Engineering in Northwestern, Illinois examined the data of more than one million participants who responded to a questionnaire about "Big Five" personality traits. These five qualities are generally accepted as key indicators of personality. 

When he looked at the figures, he found that there were a bunch of people at about four different places and they came out as different personalities.

"Searches prove that there are different types," he says "The Today". "These (types) are a type of attraction to these personality traits".

People like to know about their personality and test to find out what kind of person they are. However, experts have long believed that personality patterns are legendary: personality continuity persists. However, a recent study is debating this idea.

A study published in Nature Human Behavior suggests that there are four personality types - average, reserved, role-model, and self-motivated - and these findings may alter perceptions of personality in general.

Jonathan Adler, an associate professor of psychology at Odell College of Engineering in Massachusetts, who is not involved in the Massachusetts study, tells TOK, "It's a step forward whether these models become real personality types."

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