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Insurance in India

Insurance in India covers the market for insurance in India, both the public and private sectors. It is listed in the seventh list as the subject of the Union List in the Constitution of India, which means that it can only be implemented by the Central Government.

The insurance sector has gone through several stages by allowing insurance to private companies and allowing foreign direct investment. India approved private companies in the insurance sector in 2000, FDI up 26%, which increased to 49% in 2014. Since its privatization in 2001, India's largest life insurance company has witnessed a life insurance corporation. Its market share is slowly shifting for private insurers like HDFC Life, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and SBI Life Insurance Company.

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As of 1, Indian insurance is a $ 72 billion dollar industry. However, only two million people (0.2% of the total population of 1 billion) are covered under Mediclaim. This situation is expected to change with more and more private companies in the sector. ECGC, ESIC, and AIC provide insurance services for niche markets. Therefore, their scope is limited by law but enjoys some special powers. Western states have medical systems in most states, so there is little need for medical insurance. For example, in the UK, the corporate cover of employees, when added to personal coverage of coverage, covers about 11 to 12% of the state's population due to the use of the National Health Service (NHS) funds, while countries with more limited state systems developed, the United States. As such, it is about 75% of the total population covered under some insurance plans.

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