What is lichen

what is lichen

Lichen is a mixed organism derived from algae or cyanobacteria that inhabit the fibers of many fungal species in relation to one another. Lichen has different properties from its constituent organisms. Lichen comes in many colors, shapes, and forms and is sometimes plant-like, but lichen is not a plant. Lichen has small, leafless branches, flat leaf-like structures, flakes that fall on the surface such as peeling paint, powdery textures or other growth forms.
Moral krolichen is a lichen that is either shrubby or leafy; All other lichens are called microseconds. Here, "macro" and "micro" do not refer to size, but to evolution. Common names for lichen can include the word moss (e.g., "reindeer moss", "Iceland moss"), and can see the Learns superficial. And grow with algae, but lichen is not related to algae or any plant. Lican is not a root that absorbs water and nutrients, but like plants, they nourish themselves by photosynthesis. Do not live as such, but use plants as a substrate.

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