About Bihar school examination board Bseb Patna

The Bihar School Examination Board Bseb Patna has been constituted for conducting the examination and conducting the examinations, setting up the curriculum for this national exam and other rules and duties such as board rules, after the completion of secondary school, rules and regulations may be considered.

Bihar School Examination Board 

The Bihar School Examination Board is a statutory body under section 6 of the Bihar School Examination Bseb Patna  Act 1 - 12 under the Government of Bihar, on which the examination is prepared for both the public and private schools comprising the state of Bihar at the secondary and senior secondary level. Determined by the Bihar Government. Bseb Patna  Its headquarters are in the state capital, Patna. In addition to school exams, it also conducts departmental examinations such as diplomas in physical education, certificates in physical education and qualification tests (TETs) for Bihar State teachers, residential entrance exams in Simtala, diplomas in elementary education.

Bseb Patna 

The board examines secondary and senior secondary schools twice a year. One is the Annual Board Examination in February-March and the other is the Annual Board Examination every year in August-September. Bseb Patna

Usually every year the Bihar School Examination Board conducts the Annual Secondary School Examination of supplementary school exams in February / March and August / September based on the syllabus/syllabus determined by the State / Government Bseb Patna.

In addition to the aforementioned secondary school exams, the Board also conducts departmental examinations Bseb Patna such as diplomas in physical education, certificates in physical education, and teacher training exams as per the conditions set by the state government.

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