Impact of technology on education 2022 india

There is a significant difference in Internet connectivity between countries and regions, but the number of families with these national links in the global south has now surpassed that of people in the world north.
Impact of technology on education
The Internet has changed how people use information and knowledge, how they communicate and the direction of public management and business changed Digital connectivity promises health, education, communication, leisure, and wellness benefits.

Impact of technology on education

 One of the main tasks that are needed in education is the proportional access to a portion of the key tools that can have a significant impact on the lives of both the instructor and the learner. 

A number of important factors can be identified for technology creation around the world to help advance the development that meets the special needs of the developing society. 

One of the important things is to guarantee that students have access to appropriate teaching materials, especially in their own dialect, which guarantees a better understanding of the subject.

Education Domination, an AI-based tuition system, was deployed by the U.S. Navy to an entry-level IT school in Pensacola. This system is related to a human teacher where the student's progress is monitored by providing a separate assessment. 

According to the Navy, students working with the digital tutoring system consistently perform better on tests that do not use digital tutors than those students.

Adaptive technology seems to positively influence students because it can help individuals who have the ability to learn more than others and are better equipped to learn on their own. 

Technology programs that are already being used in education

tablets such as Google Chrome Book, where students can use Google's various educational software. Dreambox, Journ, and ST Mathematics are math software programs that are suitable for students to learn.

India is developing technology that will bypass ground-based telephone and Internet infrastructure to provide direct distance education to its students.

While we are developing technologies to address various challenges in disciplines such as education, health, and global poverty, we can still identify cases where this is not working or the results obtained are far from expected. 

Kentaro Toyama mentions examples in his book Heresy so that it happened. He highlighted computer cases in Bengaluru that are closed because teachers do not know what to do with them and mobile phone applications are meant to spread health systems and improve Africa's health. 

Furthermore, in these past decades, we have seen vast improvements in technology that have helped to reduce rising poverty and inequality, even in developed countries like the United States.

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