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Amazon Stock Price History: If you want to invest in stocks and be successful, you need to do your own analysis. To assist you in your analysis, this report gives you various information from the performance of Amazoncom Inc. "Amazon Stock" shares of the Nasdaq Exchange over the last 20 years Amazon Stock Price History.

After reading this report, you will know the average annual return of Amazon Income "Amazon Stock Priceand performance compared to the broader market index. Additionally, you will see relative performance compared to the same share.
Amazon Stock Price History

This report contains sections that will help you gain valuable insights into the past 20 years history of Amazon Inc. (Amazon) shares.

Amazon Stock Price History 20 Years

 Amazon [AMZN] Historical Prices & Data
YearAverage Stock PriceYear OpenYear HighYear LowYear CloseAnnual % Change

Amazon Share Price Trading 2020

Many of the above mega-cap tech stocks look better for the long haul, but Amazon stock Prices doesn’t seem to be coming off the mat right now.
Amazon Stock Price History
Amazon Share prices have been declining since the August period and on Wednesday, AMZN stocks reached new lows in the third quarter. Earlier this week, the 200-day moving average showed the way as to support, while Amazon is building below the mark. This is a bad sign for investors as the charts point to potential improvements in greater depth.

Working against Amazon Stock Price History at the moment: Shares have failed to hold below the 20-day, 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day moving averages and 2019 uptrend support (blue line). Furthermore, it may not appear near the 75,757 above the .81.6% retracement, which has become a significant level throughout the year, while the post-earnings response since July has been negative.

Is this bad for Amazon? Amazon Stock Price History

To encourage bulls, they need to see better Amazon Stock Price History action. It either comes as a force to get back to the big levels all of a sudden, or is a deep improvement to get more excited about it.

As the shares are shaping up for a possible correction, my outlook is down to a 50% retracement in the one-year range, currently below one dollar in June. Around 1,671. If that mark fails to support the Amazon Stock, a sub-6 may call 1,600.

The charts are leaning towards a pullback just because it doesn’t happen with 100% certainty. In particular, if Amazon Stock Price could rise above the 1,775 level, it could reclaim the 200-day moving average, 61.8% retracement and uptrend support.

This is the first step towards higher prices - and if it does, is a big development for bulls. Above that and a 50-day moving average possible above 1,850.
Amazon Stock Price History

Let's not go in front of our skis, and see if Amazon can run the first requirement above 200-days.

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Amazon stock price history review

Below is a detailed Amazon stock price history for your review. To help you feel the lack of long-term trends, an interactive Amazon stock Price chart has been included that you can easily adjust to your selection period (such as using the scroll bar or tweezers and touch screen zoom in). Also, Amazon stock prices have been presented as a 20-year season-to-date chart (such as an average year chart).

This may not be practical as some stocks/sectors perform particularly well during certain periods of the year. Also, this page contains various stock data for Amazon such as the latest Amazon stock price history, basic data such as total returns, shares and earnings and dividends today, as well as measures to evaluate dividend yield and PE ratio measures.

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