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The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released a long question sample of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main Numerical. These sample papers are available on the JEE Main website. Students can see this. There are five questions in the sample. Questions are in the running. A blank space is left at the end of the questions. Students have to fill this empty space. By the way, answer has also been given in Questions paper. Students are greatly relieved by understanding the sample paper. At the same time, the concept of those preparing for it has become clear. NTA has released sample paper for the first time.
JEE Main 2020 Question Paper

Partha Ashram Coaching Director Kumud Ranjan says that this time the marks of students will be reduced. Because long numerical questions will be asked. Simultaneously the number of questions has also been reduced. Earlier, 90 questions of 360 marks were asked. But this time only 75 questions of 300 marks will be asked. There is a possibility that the level of questions will be between main and advanced. If this happens, the cutoff will fall. Therefore, students should prepare at the concept level.

Only 75 questions have to be answered

Based on the changed pattern of JEE Main, students will have to answer only 75 questions. In this, 25 questions will be asked from Mathematics, 25 from Chemistry and 25 from Physics. 20 questions will be objective. At the same time, 5 questions will be of numerical based value. Questions will be asked for a total of 100 marks for numerical. At the same time, the objective will be 200 digits.

After the January exam results, the candidates are waiting for the JEE Main to be held in April 2020. According to that preparations are also going on. NTA had already released the schedule for this. But now this exam will be on new date. Many students have started preparing for April since taking the January exam. Please tell that applications have started. Candidates can apply without delay.

Have brought some special tips. These tips have been given by the toppers of last year. Let's know how to prepare.

Let us know, in JEE Main 2019, a total of 24 candidates scored 100 percentile out of more than 11.4 lakh candidates. If you also want to get 100 percentile, read these important tips.

  • Focus on main books

Shubham Srivastava, who achieved All India Rank (AIR) 1 last year, told about the NCERT books for Physics and Chemistry and Maths. He said, pay attention to the book HC Verma.

  • Self study

Srivastava said that after school and coaching, I used to give 3-4 hours of self study daily. In such a situation, apart from coaching, every candidate needs to study by himself.
  • Strict routine
In a small village in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, 17-year-old Gollupudi N Lakshmi Narayanan topped the JEE Main January Paper-II. He told that during the preparation a strict routine was followed.

He said- I listen carefully to the lecture of the class. I used to get up at 6 am every day and go to coaching from 7 am. Classes ended at 6 pm, so I studied for about 11 hours. My routine was very difficult, but I used to follow it for good numbers. If I felt that I was under stress, then I would meditate and talk to my friends.

JEE Main 2020 Syllabus for Paper 1


  1. Sets, relations, and functions
  2. Complex numbers and quadratic equations
  3. Matrices and determinants
  4. Permutations and combinations
  5. Mathematical induction
  6. Binomial theorem and its simple applications
  7. Sequences and series
  8. Limit, continuity, and differentiability
  9. Integral calculus
  10. Differential equations
  11. Co-ordinate geometry
  12. Three-dimensional geometry
  13. Vector algebra
  14. Statistics and probability
  15. Trigonometry
  16. Mathematical reasoning

JEE Main 2020 Syllabus for Paper 2

  1. Physics And Measurement
  2. Kinematics
  3. Laws Of Motion
  4. Work, Energy, and Power
  5. Rotational Motion
  6. Gravitation
  7. Properties Of Solids And Liquids
  8. Thermodynamics
  9. Kinetic Theory Of Gases
  10. Oscillations And Waves
  11. Electrostatics
  12. Current Electricity
  13. Magnetic Effects Of Current And Magnetism
  14. Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating Currents
  15. Electromagnetic Waves
  16. Optics
  17. Dual Nature Of Matter And radiation
  18. Atoms And Nuclei
  19. Electronic Devices
  20. Communication Systems

JEE Main 2020 Syllabus for Paper 3


  1. Some Basic Concepts In Chemistry
  2. States Of Matter
  3. Atomic Structure
  4. Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure
  5. Chemical Thermodynamics
  6. Solutions
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Redox Reactions And Electrochemistry
  9. Chemical Kinetics
  10. Surface Chemistry
  11. Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties
  12. General Principles And Processes Of Isolation Of Metals
  13. Hydrogen
  14. S – Block Elements (Alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals)
  15. P – Block Elements
  16. D – And F – Block Elements
  17. Co-Ordination Compounds
  18. Environmental Chemistry
  19. Purification And Characterization Of Organic Compounds
  20. Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
  21. Hydrocarbons
  22. Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
  23. Organic Compound, Containing Oxygen Alcohols,Phenols and Ethers, Carboxylic Acids
  24. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
  25. Polymers
  26. Biomolecules
  27. Chemistry In Everyday Life
  28. Principles Related To Practical Chemistry

JEE Main All Shift Questions Paper Download

Exam Date                     Shift                           Question Paper
06 Jan 2020                  Shift 1  -  B.Arch              Click Here
06 Jan 2020                  Shift 2 –  B.Arch        Click Here
06 Jan 2020                  Shift 2 –  B.Plan        Click Here
07 Jan 2020                  Shift 1                              Click Here
07 Jan 2020                  Shift 2                        Click Here
08 Jan 2020                  Shift                                  Click Here
08 Jan 2020                  Shift 2                        Click Here
09 Jan 2020                  Shift 1                        Click Here
09 Jan 2020                  Shift 2                        Click Here

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