Best Electric Shavers under 2000 Rupees in India 2020

Electric shavers have become quite popular nowadays as they will help men to shave easily and without any cut-outs. These days it is good to give a gift to a person that can be easily carried while traveling. Although some brands of men's electric shavers are expensive, there are many cheap expensive electric shavers available which are good for the price.

Here is the list of the best electric shavers for men, which will cost you Rs. 2000 May be less than. Here we are listing the top ten best electric shavers in India for 2020.

Top 5 Best Men’s Electric Shavers under Rs. 2000 in India 2020

We put the best selling electric shavers and trimmers in the range of Rs.1000 to Rs.2000. The proposed shaver trimmers are the products of the top personal care brands in the Indian market. Thus, the durability of their construction and design and the durability of their performance over their lifetime can be fully relied upon.

1. Philips Electric Shaver 3D Pivot & Flex Heads, 27 Comfort Cut Blades

Best Electric Shavers
Brand Philips
Battery 1-Level battery indicator
Generic Name Philips electric shaver 
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2. SYSKA SH0300 Proshave 360° Rotary Dry Shaver with 40Mins Run Time

Best Electric Shavers
Battery 1 Lithium-ion 
Generic Name SH0300 ProShave 360°
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3. WURZE 1905 Wet & Dry Washable Electric Shaver & Trimmer for Men Unique Triple Floating Titanium

Best Electric Shavers
Brand Wurze
Battery1 Lithium-ion 
Generic Name WURZE 1905 Wet 
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4. Havells BT6201 Li-Ion Cord & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Best Electric Shavers
Brand Havells 
Battery1 AA batteries
Generic NameHavells BT6201 Beard Trimmer
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5. Panasonic ES2291D503 Battery Operated Wet and Dry Ladies Shaver

Best Electric Shavers under 2000
Brand Panasonic
Battery 2 AAA batteries
Generic Name Panasonic ES2291D503
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