Buy Solder Seal Connectors Online On WirefyShop: Know How to Choose the Best

Buy Solder Seal Connectors Online On WirefyShop

Solder seal wire connectors are famous for their convenience of use and are perfect for applying in areas of limited access. For careful work with electronics, they are a real must-have.

A solder joint made with the help of solder seal connectors is incomparably durable. Still, how long it will serve also depends on the way you install it. This short guide will run about the top solder seal wire connectors available for purchase at WirefyShop and the valuable tips to choose a set of soldered connectors. 

Factors to Consider Choosing a Solder Wire Connector 

Before buying a set of wire connectors to work with electronics, we advise you to carefully read reviews on the separate products and pick them relying on the following factors: 

  • The suitable size of a connector.

Electrical wires vary in thickness and size greatly so you can’t just pick a random set of connectors in hop it will fit in. Sure thing, if you work only with sizes 10-12, it makes sense to choose a 10-12 AWG connector box. Still, a bigger choice of them gives greater freedom so we recommend you to pay attention to 14-16 AWG, 18-22 AWG, and 24-26 AWG as well. Or look for a full kit made up of 110 or 50 pieces in a box. 

  • Water resistance. 

All connections with which you end wires must exclude any possibility of water reaching into them. Otherwise, the whole device will be under the threat of a short circuit and the connecting job would be in vain. Even though the majority of solder wire connectors come as water-resistant, try to find the ones having at least IP67 level.  

  • Heat resistance. 

Besides being waterproof, a good soldering seal connector must be heat shrink. Such connectors cool down fast and are generally safer.  

  • The number of connectors. 

One can’t claim that 110 pieces will be just enough for every specialist. Over time, you will certainly need more of them so think about a wider connector collection now.  

Top Features of Solder Seal Connectors at WirefyShop

Among all wire connector sets, the produce at WirefyShop has been proven reliable for various types of wire connections. Here is what kind of wire connectors’ peculiarities they have to offer:

  • Thicker tubing. 

Solder sleeves at these models do not allow melting in the insulation tubing so they are a cool option to avoid burns.

  • Color coding.

The idea of marking connectors of different sizes and purposes with color is not new. However, it’s the super convenient identification function we couldn’t overlook in connectors at WirefyShop. 

  • A waterproof seal in every solder seal connector.

The lined colored rings sticking to a connector make a waterproof seal that can endure extreme conditions with moisture, prevent wire corrosion. These rings are also resistant to stretching and vibration. 

  • Efficient sets. 

At WirefyShop, you are sure to find the necessary number of connectors for your work. 

Whatever kind of connector you need – a heat shrink butt, ring, spade, or fork connector, –  you’ll find it all at WirefyShop at a reasonably low price.

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